Nick’s Healing Tattoo Balm
Nick’s Healing Tattoo Balm
Nick’s Healing Tattoo Balm
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Nick’s Healing Tattoo Balm

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2 oz | natural. biodegradable. vegan

firm to the touch but instantly melts like butter on your skin, giving your tattoo deep hydration. infused with white willow bark- a medicinal gift from Mother Nature to help relieve pain. scented with a balanced blend of citrus and earthy. this balm will easily last 3-4 tattoos. 


Key Ingredients:

white willow bark: nature’s aspirin! helps relieve pain and inflammation 

comfrey extract: wound healing, skin regeneration, helps relieve pain 



ingredients: mango butter, coconut oil, soy wax, sunflower oil, hempseed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, calendula extract, chamomile extract, comfrey extract, white willow bark, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, frankincense essential oil, camphor essential oil


To Use:

with clean hands, gently massage the balm onto dry freshly cleaned skin. apply as often as necessary covering your tattoo with the balm completely.