Coconut Mocha Exfoliant Soap
Coconut Mocha Exfoliant Soap
Coconut Mocha Exfoliant Soap
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Coconut Mocha Exfoliant Soap

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4 oz | natural. biodegradable. vegan

scrub a dub dub bring your coffee in the tub!
this bar of soap is extra coarse- feels amazing on the hands + feet! for more sensitive areas be gentle. handcrafted with fair-trade coffee + cocoa powder this bar is sure to give you a boost! 

Key Ingredients:

coffee beans: exfoliant, anti-aging benefits, reduces inflammation and cellulite 

cocoa powder: detoxifies and softens skin, increases skin elasticity reducing the appearance of find lines. 


 cocoa butter, water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, creamed coconut, lye, fair trade organic coffee beans, cocoa powder, coffee essential oil, sage essential oil, coconut extract