About Us

The Land

Our business resides on twenty-seven beautiful 'naked acres' in the rolling hills of Northumberland County. Surrounded by rich + thriving deciduous woods, we are able to ethically harvest what the land has to offer and incorporate the botanicals into our handmade bath + body products. 

The Maker

Hello, Michelle here! Thank you for visiting my shop. I started this business back in 2018 with ten sap buckets, a tank of propane and a turkey fryer. I had decided to try my hand at making maple syrup and ended up really enjoying it. I loved being out in nature. Learning to how to tell a maple from an oak (with no leaves!) turned into knowing what other plants and trees had to offer. I began paying attention to the changes of the seasons, what the native animals needed in order to thrive, how important ethical harvesting is. I soon turned my appreciation for nature into a business.

The Mission

Everything starts with education. It is our hope that through our social media and products, we are able to help educate our customers on why it is so important to pay attention to what you are putting in and on your body. Mother Earth is incredibly bountiful with many healing gifts, it is our mission to connect you with them.

We want for our customers what we want for ourselves, for them to be happy, confident, kind, secure, loved and successful. This is why on each of our products we have included a positive affirmation for you to say as a reminder and to help you manifest all the good into your life!